Activefund enables SMEs to apply for Business Credit, have access to Business Growth Training and open Dividend Saving Accounts.


We provide Business Credit for business growth at low interest rates to SMEs that prove to satisfy their markets, attain steady growth and contribute towards the achievement of SDGs. Credit is disbursed into the applicant’s mobile money wallet.


We equip SME Owners to manage and grow their businesses without misusing credit through free short Business Growth Training courses.


Our Dividend Saving Accounts enables you  to save from UGX 3,600/= ($10) per month and earn an interest of 5% per month on your savings.


8 out of 10 SMEs fail after two years of operation due to poor business management skills and running out of capital. Most of them go for loans from banks and money lenders that charge them high interest rates which leaves them with no profits.

Thanks for the Business Credit. I have been able to invest into my business the times I have run out of capital.
Kirya Badru
Xtreme Saloon
Money lenders were taking much of my money by their high interest rates. Thanks for your low interest rates.
Joan Bukenya
Mercy Pharmacy
Great credit services! Enterprises under my company have acquired business management skills as well.
Jude Juuko
VVamutulo Africa