ACTIVEFUND is incorporation under Activemakes Limited. We have provided credit  to more than 100 SMEs, while supporting them to growth. Our Clients have testified about three impacts;

Convenient Credit

SMEs are able to get credit in less than 6 hours and take care of their business needs. Not too much paper work and inspections are involved process.

Business Growth

SMEs have been able to achieve income sustainability through our Business Growth Training that empowers them with business management skills.

Low interest Rates

SMEs are able to make profit off the credit we provide for investment. Our interest rates are lower than those of other banks and money lenders.

Thanks for the Business Credit. I have been able to invest into my business the times I have run out of capital.
Kirya Badru
Xtreme Saloon
Money lenders were taking much of my money by their high interest rates. Thanks for your low interest rates.
Joan Bukenya
Mercy Pharmacy
Great credit services! Enterprises under my company have acquired business management skills as well.
Jude Juuko
VVamutulo Africa